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The Best Debit and Credit Cards for Travellers and Digital Nomads

When I was preparing to head off as a long-term traveller and digital nomad, one of the top things on my to-do list was organising my finances to avoid exorbitant fees and high exchange rates every time I used my cards abroad.

I spent several hours trawling through reviews of bank accounts and credit cards to find the right ones for me. So I figured I’d share my knowledge with you to save you some time.

This is everything I’ve learned about the best debit and credit cards for travellers and digital nomads. Please note that, as a Brit, this post is mostly geared towards those with a permanent UK address.

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Alternative Accommodation: How to Set Yourself up for House-Sitting Success

House sitting has fast become one of my favourite ways to travel. I’ve lived in some amazing locations, left pieces of my heart in several different places (leaving pets can be soooo difficult), made new friends, and saved a ton on accommodation.

I recently explored the benefits of house sitting for long-term travellers and digital nomads (though it’s a great experience for anybody who loves travel and pets). If that’s inspired you to give it a go, you may be wondering how to get started.

Here’s my guide on how to set yourself up for house-sitting success – even if you don’t have any references or prior experience. I’ve based this guide on the sections in Trusted Housesitters, though you can adapt the basic principles to whichever platform you choose.

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Alternative Accommodation: The Benefits of House Sitting

‘Run your business from anywhere, save money on accommodation, and hang out with cute animals.’

With benefits like these, you can see why house sitting is increasingly popular amongst long-term travellers and digital nomads. It’s certainly what appealed to me.

Being in my 40s, I’m older than many nomads and certainly past the stage of wanting to rough it in hostels. But in my first couple of years as a solo female traveller, accommodation costs were my biggest struggle. I prefer my own space so that I can work and workout without interruption. I like a comfortable place to relax and chill out. And finding somewhere that fits the bill within my price range was becoming increasingly difficult on Airbnb. Especially after the nosedive in the value of the GBP after the Brexit referendum.

So I turned to house sitting. And what started out as a way for me to cut costs as I travel has turned into one of my favourite ways of travelling…

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