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The Wandering Wordsmith provides a blog where users can read articles on travel, travel writing and running a travel writing business, and a service where users can purchase travel copywriting services (the ‘Service’). 

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The Wandering Wordsmith Blog

1. All content provided on the Website is for general informational purposes only. The information should not be relied upon as legal or other professional advice, and I am not liable for any errors or omissions in this information.

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3. Any of the material on this Website may be out of date at any given time. While I am not obliged to update such material, I will use reasonable efforts to ensure that the information is updated, accurate and relevant. If you discover any information that needs updating, feel free to let me know. Other readers will no doubt appreciate it!

4. I love blog comments and appreciate those of you who find the time to add comments to my articles. However, foul language or abuse will not be tolerated and I reserve the right to edit or delete any such comments without notice. Additionally, The Wandering Wordsmith is not liable for any comments made by others on this Website.

5. Any outbound links to third party websites on this Website are intended for informational use only. I have no control over the contents of these sites and resources, and accept no responsibility for any loss or damage that may arise as a result of using them.

The Wandering Wordsmith Travel Copywriting Services

These Terms and Conditions apply to any work done on behalf of the Client (you) by The Wandering Wordsmith Ltd (me).

The Wandering Wordsmith Ltd is a UK-based limited company, and it is not VAT-registered.

The Client is under no obligation to offer me work, and I am under no obligation to accept work offered by the Client. Any work carried out requires that the Client and I both acknowledge, in writing, that we have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

The Project Brief

Before beginning a travel copywriting or editing project, the Client and I will agree the scope of the project in writing. This will include:

  • The nature of the project brief (e.g. website copywriting, content marketing, editorial services)
  • Any materials or information I require to carry out the project
  • How the work will be carried out (e.g. Word, Google Docs, etc.)
  • The agreed deadline
  • Your acceptance of my fee
  • Any ongoing monthly work
  • The deposit

If the project scope changes significantly and requires more time, whether researching, rewriting or editing, I reserve the right to review the project fee and/or deadline, or to turn down the additional work.

I’m more than happy to work as a team, but I would ask that you provide a single point of contact with decision-making and approval authority.


For travel copywriting projects, I usually charge on a per-project basis. I calculate my fee based upon how long it will take me to research, write and proofread your project. This means I can concentrate on finding the right words rather than worry about budget and timing constraints.

My fee includes:

  • Research
  • Writing the first draft
  • One round of revisions (unless otherwise specified)
  • Final proofread

For proofreading or editing jobs, I may charge a fee per hour or per 1,000 words, or an agreed flat fee, depending on the nature of the project.

For a lengthy or ongoing project, I may invoice periodically, as agreed in advance.

For a rush job, I reserve the right to charge a 30% rush payment fee.

At the conclusion of the project, I will invoice immediately. Unless otherwise agreed, payment must be made within 21 days of receipt of invoice. Under the terms of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, I reserve the right to charge a 30% late payment fee and interest on any payment that exceeds 30 days.

Payments are made by bank transfer; account details are provided on the invoice.


I charge a 50% non-refundable deposit for any project that exceeds £200. Deposit payments are required upon receipt of invoice, and the project schedule will not be agreed until the deposit amount is received.

Copyright & UK Law

The Wandering Wordsmith Ltd retains the copyright of all work produced until the final invoice is paid. Upon final payment, the copyright passes to you.

The Wandering Wordsmith Ltd does not accept responsibility for any issues, claims, costs or expenses arising as a result of the work I undertake at your request.

The Wandering Wordsmith Ltd will take every precaution to avoid errors, omissions, misrepresentations and other inaccuracies. However, the final responsibility for published material belongs with you, the Client.

You, the Client, are responsible for the authenticity of materials, research, quotations and references supplied. It’s your responsibility to ensure that the material you supply me with is accurate and legal.

If you send me draft copy, you affirm that you are the copyright holder or have the authority of the copyright holder to use this material as part of the new copy. You agree to indemnify me against any claim arising from suggestion that the new copy in any way breaches the copyright.

This agreement is subject to the laws of England and Wales, and both the Client and I agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the English and Welsh courts.